Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sharepoint full crawl vs incremental crawl

Here is the theoritical explanation of the diffarences between Full crawl and Incremental crawl in point wise.

1. If the incremental crawl failed to crawl content for errors , Incremental crawl removes the content from index until next full crawl

2. When a software update for SharePoint or service pack is installed on servers in the farm, full crawl is required

3. Metadata property updates in search results

4. Creating server name mappings

5. Crawl rules will be ignored until the next full crawl.

6. Full crawl is required to repair corrupted index which is failed in incremental crawl.

7. To detect security changes those were made on file shares after the last full crawl of the file share

8. The crawler cannot discover when ASPX pages on sites has changed.

9. When a content database is restored full crawl is required.

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