Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SharePoint CPU 100% by mssearch and mssdmn

Issue : CPU utilization 100% on SharePoint server

Root cause : This is causing because of the search crawl is running at backend. That's why Task manager showing that mssearch and mssdmn process are taking maximum CPU utilization.

Resolution :

1.With reference of msdn blogs this behavior can be fixed by installing KB article 941274 from msdn please find the

screenshot below :

2. This is the issue from OSearch in this case.

3. service which is taking lot of CPU utilization. Please find the screenshot below :

This service is used by the process mssearch.exe which is taking huge CPU usage in our case.

4. Apart from this there is one more setting we can try to fix this issue is Central Administration > Operations > Services on Server > Office SharePoint Server Search Service Settings > Indexer Performance Here we need to change the setting from Partly reduced to Reduced

Here are some of the msdn blogs giving the same solution for this issue.




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