Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SharePoint Create new site One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to List settings page to delete these fields

Here is the issue usually comes when you migrate sites from 2007 to 2010 using SPContentDatabase mount operation.

This issue is an intermittent and not exists for all the site collections and not sure about why investigating more on this.

Root cause :
  • The publishing site uses SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure to support the publishing features in SharePoint.
  • This feature automatically creates an internal List “Relationships List” which is used to store the variations details.
  • This list is normally not visible in View All Site Content menu but you can browse it through the url http://site_url/Relationships%20List/allitems.aspx.
  • The actual issue is after migration of the site, the list will have a column GroupId which is of type Text. But actually it should be GroupGuid with type as GUID.
  • So we need to resolve this column name & type inconsistency.
Solution for the Issue :
  • You will not be able to delete and re-create the column since SharePoint doesn’t support creation of column of type GUID through UI.
  • So only way is to delete and re-create the list.
  • Go to Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings -> Site Collection Features and deactivate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature.
  • This removes the association between the feature and the Relationships list, which allows you to delete the list.
  • Navigate to the URL http://site_url/Relationships%20List/allitems.aspx and delete the list from the list settings.
  • Now go to site collection features and activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature.
  • Note that Relationships list will be created automatically. You can check the same by navigating to the URL as states above.
  • You can check the list containing the column GroupGuid of type GUID.
Now check your Manage Content and Structure page which will be working fine. Hope it helps

Please refer to the actual post on this issue from this blog

Thank you !!


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