Thursday, July 4, 2013

PowerShell code to delete bulk users from SharePoint site

here is a simple code sample of PowerShell script to delete users from SharePoint site.

Function DeletePermissions($web)
         $usersToDelete = @("Domain\UserName")
         # Iterate through the site's users and add usernames to
            # an array of users to delete if the name contains
            # contains the username filter.
            foreach ($user in $web.SiteUsers)
                $UserName = $user.Name
                if($arrUsers -notcontains $UserName.ToLower() -and $UserName -notlike "*svc_*")
                    Echo $user.Name
                    $usersToDelete += $user.LoginName

                # Delete each user selected from the SiteUsers array.
                # The SiteUsers array can't be iterated through directly
                # as it gets changed as users are removed from it.
                foreach ($user in $usersToDelete)
                 "Removing user : " + $user


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  1. Thanks for the Code. There are some more possible ways to Delete Users from SharePoint Site Collection:

    1. You can delete users using SharePoint Web Interface.
    2. Delete users from SharePoint site using PowerShell (Bulk Delete also possible).
    3. Remove users from SharePoint programmatically using C#.

    Found these methods at Delete Users from SharePoint Site Collection .