Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SharePoint DateTimeControl validation

Here i am explaining how to validate a sharepoint datetime control with asp.net required field validator.

Datetime control is a very easy to use but internally it is having a drawback of required validation property.

It has a property called IsRequiredField But it will not work for date format validation when you are working with Visual web parts or web parts.

For this we have to use classical ASP.NET required field validator to validate control

Internally the DateTimeControl of SharePoint is just a calendar dropdown and a text box. Also, they already implemented a simple required field validation by just using the IsRequiredField property.

However, if you try to put an asp.net validator (i.e.: CompareValidator, RegularExpressionValidtator, etc…) on it, it says it can’t find the control. This is happening because the DateTimeControl is just a wrapper around this textbox and if you set the Validator ControlToValidate property to the DateTimeControl it isn’t smart enough to know to really validate against the actual textbox

Here is the way you need to define


NOTE : Here ControlToValidate property you need to set as {DateControlID}${DateControlID}Date then only it will work otherwise it will through error

Thank you !!!


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